Masons Hospitality Masons Hospitality The Freemasons' accommodation platform

Masons Hospitality is a Freemason accommodation booking platform dedicated to the Freemason community.

Freemasons, wherever you live in the world, you can book your accommodation on Masons Hospitality to plan your travels. All members of Masons Hospitality can travel to the host of their choice from any country accepted on the site. For its launch, Masons Hospitality offers the possibility of being a host if your accommodation and bank account are in the euro zone. Thanks to Masons Hospitality, you are invited to vivify our chain of union by sharing warm and trusting travel experiences. Through tourism experiences, Masons Hospitality aims to promote Masonic tourism and the transmission of knowledge around symbolic places steeped in history, closely or distantly linked to our order.

In France, and wherever Freemasonry is to be found, your brothers and sisters will welcome you to organize events with your lodge and plan your personal or business travel in complete safety. Alone or with your loved ones, the values of Freemasonry bring us together around altruism, fraternity, conviviality and the quest for progress. Masons Hospitality also encourages you to live out one of the great virtues of our Order, the hospitality. By becoming a host and traveling through our online Freemason accommodation platform.

Masonic dwellings all over the world

To promote diversity within our community, Masons Hospitality aims to bring together thousands of different people from France to the four corners of the world. By joining our platform directly online, you'll be able to offer your accommodation and find private or shared Freemason lodgings to travel alone, in a group or with your family.

Your data is managed securely. This is to ensure that your privacy is protected. Transactions for your family and friends are carried out under your responsibility as a Freemason registered on the site, and on your own initiative.

Simple and practical, our booking system is accessible to all Freemasons, enabling you to meet other Freemasons and share your travel experiences in complete confidence.

A collaborative platform for booking freemason lodgings

By creating its collaborative platform for booking Freemason accommodation, Masons Hospitality aims to strengthen the fraternal ties of the entire community, beyond borders. Directly, online, we facilitate exchanges between hosts and travelers thanks to an internal messaging system for a warm and sharing tourist experience.

By bringing our Masonic values to life, we invite you to share your knowledge around historic sites steeped in history. A unique opportunity to take a family vacation or organize a Masonic trip. To keep the community alive, Masons Hospitality also invites you to become a host. Enrich this vast chain of sharing and generosity by registering with Masons Hospitality today!

Masons Hospitality Masons Hospitality is a private service site reserved for Brothers and Sisters

Access to the site gives you access to a wide range of services

  • Travel for less in fraternity
  • Discover our many services
  • Take advantage of special rates
  • Offer your property for rent
  • Meet new people

The Freemasons who use this site belong to a recognized Masonic obedience.

Registration is totally free and takes less than 2 minutes!

How it works ?

You make a booking request

You will receive an email confirming that the booking request has been sent to the host..

Your request is accepted or refused

You will receive an email confirming that the booking request has been sent to the host.

7 days or more from your booking date

You will receive an email reminder of vour reservation and an SMS with your host's contact details.

Need to cancel your trip?
You will be refunded the amount paid at the time the reservation was made. A 1 euro website service fee will be charged.

7 days or less from your booking date

You will receive an e-mail reminder of your reservation

Need to cancel your trip?
You will be refunded 80% of the overnight stay fee, 20% will be reserved for the host and the website service fee will be retained up to a limit of 10 euros.